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The most common compliment RCB often receives is : Your bicycles look better in person than in the pictures. Our powder coat paint jobs are outstanding. When a person gets a bicycle shipped,they have said "the photos don't do justice, the bike looks better in person". When people come to pick up a bike they have seen on the internet they have said, "the colors are sharper and better than the pics".

Please see the many unsolicited reviews below. If you have Facebook please look at our page " retro cruiser bicycles." Many customers will post their testimonials on FB rather than sending a email.


Hi Fred,
We love our bikes! They are really beautiful!  We got them put together and cruised around the neighborhood yesterday!  It was a really fun 4th.
Thank you so much, 
Wendy and Katie         Retro Sting 26 in Copper & Dark Green Metallic , New Orleans La.


Hi Fred, I had a fantastic ride today, the bike is well done super comfortable, easy on uphills/downhills. Just so much fun in every way. Thank you so much what a pleasure.

Ann -  San Antonio Texas, Key West special edition


 Indiana Guy Needs One of Your Banana Seat Cruisers!

Greetings from the Midwest. I have to start by letting you know that I've been obsessing over your bikes for the past couple of weeks. What started as a discussion between some slightly over-served 40-somethings in a garage has led me to your website and Facebook pages. Talked myself out of searching eBay, Craigslist and garage sales for vintage Schwinn muscle bikes. (Most of the bikes I've seen are either completely thrashed or ridiculously overpriced.)  Before Aaron ordered his Forest Green Banana Cruiser.
After Aaron received his bike :
Hey Fred,
Just a quick note to let you know that the bike arrived safely. No issues at all. Assembly was very simple...only about 35 minutes to complete.
Powder coat looks fantastic. The color combination really works well. Surprisingly smooth ride. Still playing around with the saddle height and handlebar angle, but it's very comfortable. It's been about 35 years since I've ridden a coaster brake bike, so it might take a bit of time to wake up those brain cells.
Haven't had much time to ride, but it has been a blast. The bike is a time machine. As soon as I get settled into the Banana Seat, I'm transported back the 70s and start grinning from ear to ear.
Snapped a few pics after assembly. Nothing too exciting. I'll get some glamour shots when time allows.
Thanks again for all of your assistance and craftsmanship. Looking forward to expanding the two wheeled arsenal in the near future (another Stingray, maybe a Krate, maybe even a chopper). More photos coming soon.
Take care,
Aaron ordered another bike for his wife's Christmas present. Candy Red , Retro Sting 26
Hey Fred,
First bike has been great so far. Lots of compliments and thumbs up when I'm out and about. Getting chilly here but I still manage to sneak a few rides here and there.
Just curious, would it be possible to get another bike before Christmas? I'd like to surprise my wife with her very own Banana Seat cruiser.
Hey Fred,
Bike arrived with no hassles. Absolutely love the Candy Red. Photos don't really capture the depth of that color. 
Assembled it last night with a couple buddies. Combine beer, middle aged knuckleheads and a Banana Seat bike...that's a good night.
Thanks for including the extra seat post. Installed the straight post for now. Might swap it if the Mrs needs some extra leg room.
I'll send some photos over the holidays. Once again, thank you so much for the outstanding service and wonderful products that make people happy. This whole process has been lots of fun.
Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season. I'm sure there will be future orders to expand my fleet of Retro Cruisers.
Take care,
I had the coolest red banana seat Sting-Ray back in 1967 before it was stolen ( my fault ). I had many bikes since then but never forgot the banana bike. When I found Retro Cruisers online it was an amazing find. They built me the same bike only with 26" wheels and a thick banana seat to cushion the years of burgers lol. It's not just a bigger version of my original but the quality is incredible. I got the 3 speed and it rolls and shifts like a new Cadillac. I will be ever grateful to Retro. 

George Orlando Florida ---------- Retro Sting 26 Candy Red     


Hi Fred, I just want you to know I am very happy with the bike you built for me. I may order a chopper bike from you as well.

" Thanks for doing what you do "

John ordered his own color choice " Dark Iris Purple " to go along with his retro Dodge Challenger. He says they both take him back in time.

John Conway Ark. ------- Purple Retro Banana Cruiser 



I'd love to leave a 100% positive review. I did want to take the time to tell you that this experience could not have been better.  The attention to detail on the Biscayne is excellent, right down to the dice post covers.  The shipping was super quick.  My local bike pro put it together quickly (and reasonable -only $80) and customers in his shop were "oohing and aawing" over how cool it is.  Gift recipient LOVED it and it will enable her to ride many miles on the local bike trail with her grandson.  Thanks again! 



Fred! Got my new all-black cruiser on Thursday, just in time…..in time to save my sanity!


It was a crazy day, I had reached my limit…the bike came. I appreciate the love & care with which you packed it….it took me about a half hour to assemble it…many memories of putting my bikes together as an adolescent! The comments on your website were true…the paint finish is just outstanding, and everything goes together so well!


I was able to ride it up the street about ¼ mile, and then turned around and came uphill back! I loved it! Had a big smile on my face….just from that little “trip”!  then I had to go back in & work more….oh well…


I have had NO TIME to get back on the banana seat since then, but hope to this afternoon after working a few hours.

I’ll be in touch for review updates, Fred….many thanks, my friend!! I hope to get out real soon…if it ever cools down a bit!


Bert Thomas    Dark Night 3 speed -- blacked out version   Brandon Florida


b thomas logo


Hi Fred,
I picked up my bike today from the SevenStars and I love love love it!!!!  It rides great.
Again, I am extremely happy with the bike and, when people ask about it, I will give them your website. 

Julia Sumner     " Key West Special Edition "    North Carolina



I received my Fat banana seat yesterday. My hubby put it on my little retro Schwinn Stingray for me. It is sooooo much more comfy than the original seat. Thanks so much!

Andrea Kruger


Got it!  Thanks!  Looks great and rides even better.  Can't wait for the weather to break so I can take it outside.  For now a test ride in the garage will have to do.

I'm recommending you to another friend.  Let's hope she orders one!
Steve -----------  Retro Sport Cruiser  " Mercury "  Wisconsin


Hi Fred...It was a pleasure meeting with you. Please see below:

" I purchased a Mars red powder-coat retro-ray from Fred and am I very impressed with the bicycle. I was also equally impressed by Fred as a person, and his attention to detail. The bike was built with a solid chrome front fork, that is just perfect for me. I am 6'-2", 220 lbs., and lift weights. It takes every last ounce of will power in me not to go over 220 lbs. I recently rode a friends carbon fiber high end race bike and could not stop watching the front fork flex and shake, just hoping to God that it did not break on me. Fred's bike is very solid, good looking, and it gets around pretty darn good. It's a lot faster and better looking than I though that it would be from looking at the pictures on the web-site. My Bianchi seems to stress the hamstrings more, and this bike stresses the quads more, so it a little like cross-training. My plan is to build up my quads with leg heavy presses, and get my retro-ray up to about 30 mph...LOL! That Mars red and solid black seat is just a great looking combination. Great job Fred!"..Paul K.

Paul --- New Jersey ------- Mars Red Banana Cruiser

Hi, Fred
I just love my bike the high sissy bar with pad sure helps the lower back with good support. I sure turn heads in my small town.
I just got back from a bike ride and I was passing a gas station and this guy was putting a 6 pack in his cooler and I heard him say..." Now thats a bad ass bike"...LOL...I even passed a group of small kids were talking Kindergarden or first grade and they ran out and said "what a cool bike"..lol.. I'M not joking...lol...I even wear my black high top converse tennis shoes..with the star on the side...lol

Gary --- Trenton , Florida --- Gray Ghost

All I can say is - Awesome!! I feel like a kid again. The bike is perfect. Thanks so much for all of your time, efforts, emails, customer service, etc. The bike was packed very well and shipped very quickly. The paint is beautiful. Everything was as I asked for. Thanks again for a great product and for being a great company.

-Todd Rochester New York - Corvette Blue Retro Banana Cruiser

I picked up the new bicycle, and I am quite pleased. The design and workmanship are great, and everything is spectacular. I love the way it rides, and it sure is one sharp-looking vehicle. The person at Village CycleSport had me test-ride it around the parking lot before taking it off his hands, and it prompted me to ask him for a lowering of the seat around one inch from where the assembler put it. The second test-ride seemed a perfect fit for me, so I took it home. You were right—a 5’7” individual is within a comfortable range for this bike. This bicycle is a dream come true for me. I actually took it on only one ride during the interim time I was in town. It was an over two-mile trip in my neighborhood, at varying speeds...and it gave me a great workout (using upper thigh muscles I have neglected). I look forward to using my bike to get into better overall shape. It is a much more comfortable fit and riding position, and has a better ease of riding, than my previous lemon of a bike. I truly accomplished what I wanted to achieve, on all counts (including the cool nostalgic component).

THANKS AGAIN! Dave - Gold Retro Banana Cruiser


We want to thank you for your help in sponsoring our ride with your donation. The winner of the cruiser seat was thrilled!!!! We had well over 100 people attend & raised over $1,100 for MDA just from selling shirts & raffle tickets for the door prizes & the give away bicycle. I've attached just a few pics for you to check out.

Mark Hasselbeck
Rat Riders Vintage Bicycle Club

Hi Fred,

FYI, the 20” slick worked great on my 63’ Sting Ray, thanks again for the great service!

Dave --- Utah

>> >GOOD DAY....... RECEIVED BIKE............... AWESOME..
....... bike rocks.... we get lots of looks when riding..... the 20inch looks cool next to greenie

Michael Schumacher
Schumacher European, LTD
Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks Fred for working with me and building a bike just as I wanted. She's a beauty and I love it ! Now I'm going to have to photograph what I call my " BLACKNBLUZERKROOZER.

Tony -- Retro Sport Cruiser -- Long Beach -- LI NY

Three words FAN-TAS-TIC!!!
Bike arrived packed well. Assembly was a breeze once unpacked. The 2 speed hub works exactly as described. The bike rides very smooth. The bends of the handlebars is perfect and the seat is wonderful. Pictures of the Rio Red paint don't begin to do justice. It's got to be seen to be believed. The chrome 3/4 fenders accent the red frame, the solid black wall tires and the heavy duty chain. My favorite part of your masterpiece is the way the tubing butts into place as if they are one solid piece, just like the old days when craftsmen built works of art bicycles. The peddles are shin friendly but shouldn't be slippery when wet. Finally the leather grips are absolutely pain free, marshmallowy softness of grippy-ness.
Great product at an even greater price.
Thank you,
Mike Rio Red Retro Cruiser Virginia

Hi Fred! We love the bikes, they are the smoothest riding bikes we have ever had! And they look great too! We have them on the back of our truck so we can use them a lot. We will put a picture on Facebook. We might be ordering two more for our sons for Christmas.

Thanks Elma and Jon Southern California Retro Banana Cruiser " Sunburst Orange " and Retro - Ray " Prowler Copper "

Hey there, just wanted to let you know my bike is now fully functional and it's killer! as we spoke about on the phone, Denver has a big cruiser scene and I cant even tell you how many compliments I've gotten on the bike... You guys did a great job, thanks again!

John Retro - Ray " Prowler Copper " - Denver Colorado

I've had the fat tire up & running for a few weeks now. No problems to speak of. A good ride. And your thoughts on frame size are right on. The springer forks are a good feature. It's nice to be 12 again. It looks like the rides we used to piece together when we were kids. Only every thing is sweet. Back then we'd do stuff like put 2 tires on & mis match the holes in them. Of course at 75 pounds we could crank 52 to 18 sprockets. Now days the 48-22 seems about right.

Thank you for your service.

Paul Griffith Old Skool Cruiser - Michigan

Hi Fred!

Hi Fred!
My husband absolutely LOVES his bike! The copper color is fantastic. Thanks for the touch up paint too, we would never have been able to find it anywhere.
We were really impressed with how well it was packed. A lot of care went into that pack job! Everything looked really good. I did notice the box came damaged but though everything looked fine.

Thanks Heather - Retro - Ray " Prowler Copper " Wisconsin

Hi to everyone at retro, I have received my bike and have now built it, no problems with the build ,I'm a mechanical engineer by trade. I'm like a kid with a new toy can't stop starring at it, just can't believe It's mine, its the "DOGS BOLLOCKS", that's high praise. Will send photos soon, please send your face book details. Regards Adrian....

Retro Sport Cruiser - " Firebird Orange " - England

My bike is sick man! Had to work late yesterday but she was waiting for me on the porch when I got home. Got her together by 9:30 and off I went! My wife made me come in at 10:30. lol Great job man! Love the paint job buddy! From my original inquiry to delivery you guys were great! Awesome customer service. I want to thank everyone involved for putting a smile on this big kids face. Can't wait to get home from work man.

Thanks again!
Jay Retro Sport Cruiser - Firebird Orange - Central Florida

Got my tires yesterday. Thank you very much. They are just what my 1950 western flyer needed. And they are a much better tire than the chen shing's that everyone else sells. thanks again. Tom

I looked at the pictures on the facebook link that you included in your email. I saw all I needed to see. I'm in! What is the best way to order? What a sweet ride. I can't wait!


We got the 20" together and it looks amazing! Anxious to see the response. We are opening the store tomorrow. Retro - Ray 20 " Malibu

Thanks!! Jessica - DayTripSociety.com Maine

I just received the package today, so far everything looks great. BTW great job packing the box. Most places would have charged an arm and a leg for shipping and would have sent it out in 37 boxes.
Good Job and thank you very much,

55 miles on my bike so far, Fred. It's super comfortable, maneuverable, oh so cool and puts up with the occasional wheelie. :-)
Thanks so much for my great bike! It was a pleasure working with you on the details. You even sent progress photos! I'm pretty picky, but everything was just right! My bike was packed expertly. Not a scratch! The parts are all high quality and assembly was straight-forward. The Prowler Purple Metallic paint is show-quality, rich and deep. The metal flake really glistens in the sun! I too was surprised that the cost of this custom bike was actually less than what I paid for my bike shop mountain bike (that I just gave to my son!).
Thanks also for all the work on the 1970's Krate style fenders! You really nailed the look! I was trying to recreate my favorite bike as a kid (a 1972 purple banana seat bike) but in an adult size that I can actually ride. It's like looking at a ghost!
A few years ago, I hurt my wrists in a skateboarding fall. Nearly every bike made today requires you to lean forward, putting a lot weight on your wrists. Until today I haven't been able to ride more than an hour before my wrists gave out. My son and I went for a 10 mile ride today here in Florida. With the ape-hanger style bars on my new bike, there was no weight on my wrists and it was so comfortable I could've ridden all day long. The bike is rock-solid, silent and the seat is the most comfortable seat I've ever ridden on. This bike is FUN. I love all the looks, compliments and nods of approval the bike gets too! Thanks again!

Dale Howard Florida - Retro Banana Cruiser purple 

I could not be happier with my new bike. (Fred, you're an artist!)
I don't know if I wrote you an email after our 11-year old received her banana seat cruiser..........anyway, she absolutely loves it !! The little dice caps you put on the air spout on the tires was something she found particularly cool :) Anyway, needless to say she shows it off to everyone that comes by. We just put it away for the winter but she will be so psyched in the spring to start riding it again. Thanks for finding the EXACT color she wanted !! And thank you for bringing it with you to Maryland ! We will certainly keep you in mind for future business !

Jen Kerdock
Arnold, MD

Fred, The bike is great! You did an awesome job, and just wanted to thank you again for how well you worked w/ me on this build. Been out on the driveway riding it, and it sure is a lot of fun.

  Curt Georgia - Retro Banana Cruiser


Your bikes are works of art and your not only a master craftsman but an artist as well. I couldn't be happier with my bike, It's beautiful, it's one of a kind and everywhere I go people stop me and compliment me on it. For the amount of work you obviously put into every bike I can't believe you're able to keep your prices so low. Between the quality of your work, your prices and your outstanding customer service I've gotten way more than I expected and paid for. Absolutely everything has exceeded my expectations and I can be a very difficult person to please. I demand excellence and only the best. Thank you for everything you've done and please keep up the good work.


Ethan R. Del Re - Long Island , New York

We got our bikes today, unpacked them & put them together. They are as advertised - AWESOME! Paint jobs are great.
good packing job.

P.S.: Thanks for the cool bell!

Ken & Anna Miller Arkansas

Woohoo. The bike was delivered this morning.

Zero damage. Not a scratch. THE PAINT IS PERFECT! Well done, Fred.
Thanks again. Great product. Great packing job. Great communication. I will recommend your company to everyone.

All the best,
Kevin - Canada

Thank you Fred............bike arrived...........when my daughter saw it...she couldn't believe the T-Bird paint color,just so unique and striking.....the chrome fenders, white wall tire and the green dice air caps....tears welled up in her eyes...she said the retro bike made her birthday......we will send pictures of the orange and T Bird bikes and us via e-mail............again great work.....these bikes will be rode well and bring back memories when we were young kids.................Take care....keep on biking....

Vic Michigan- Retro Banana Cruiser

I just wanted to send an e-mail saying the bike is beautiful! Thank you guys soo much
-Rachael Conn.


Fred.........My daughter was thrilled
.... much appreciation.......and my retro October Banana Cruiser is the best.... Thanks again............Vic

That works, Tammy….send it out next Tuesday and it will get here after I get back. Thanks…Great Customer Service!

Tell your boss I said so! Mike


Dear Fred, A Quality work of bike art !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The bike October you made for me is a work of art. It was delivered yesterday....the orange color superb.....a tribute to Schwinn but your classic paint is unique.....I assembled the bike....what a ride....My daughter is looking forward to her 20" prowler in thunderbird blue,,,,that bike will also stand out.....especially with the chrome fenders and white sparkle seat...My neighbors wanted to know where I got these bikes...of course I gave them your RCB address.........again I thank you for your workmanship and outstanding quality made Retro Bikes.....................

Thank you Vic Boro

Hey Fred!
I am in love with my bike, totally addicted. People ask where I got it and/or if they can buy it EVERY day.
(you may want to send me a stack of those magnets, which I would gladly hand out.) I went for my longest cruise yesterday. From Sheepshead Bay to Prospect Park (had to walk a hill there :)to the Brooklyn Bridge and up to Bryant Park and back. It took 5 hours, but the bike is comfy and I am eating up all the attention.

Thanks Buddy! Brooklyn New York

Dear Fred, The 'Grey Ghost too' is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOL & a blast to ride!! The older folks in my 'Hood' are always stopping me to ask about the bike, the folks in the over 45ish group that is, as anyone younger would only know of such banana seat cruiser from going to the Smithsonian I guess, or if their Grandparents had one back in the day? I also got a political bumper sticker guy making me some shiny black stickers that say "Grey Ghost too" in silver that I'll apply to the black chain guard. The lettering will be 1" high & about 15" long so should look real cool. I'll certainly send you off a picture as soon as they're available & installed. Again many thanks for letting me be 13 again as I approach 55! You're the Man Fred!!!

Thanks Andy Chesapeake Maryland


We received the bicycle today, and are very pleased with it!

My son gave it a brief test ride and he really likes it. As you said, the color came out beautiful! - Michigan


Hey Guys, I received my fork, bell and light today, all in perfect shape. Many, many thanks to you all for your excellent help and brilliant products, making my bike the best on the whole block. Happy peddlin', Davie.

We took a family bike ride yesterday, and the bike you built for my son
performed very well. He loves it! And it is a great fit for him, in terms of
size. He looks a lot more natural on it than on his old 20" stingray bike.

Wow, Fred!

That is gorgeous.
Thanks much for photographing both options for us!

I am very pleased with the way the bike turned out, and I know my son
will be thrilled with it.

Yours truly,
Paul Erlandson

just want to say thank you again I rec'd my order as promised before Christmas and they went on without a hitch. My ride looks fantastic. So thank you and your staff , keep up the great work and I wish you a wonderful NEW YEAR

Thank You

Got all the parts and got them all installed. The tires fit well and the bell is a hoot. Thanks for all your help!

Thanks for your help. I can say I have hadn't had the greatest of interactions with some of the other retro bike shops and individuals, but you have been very helpful and great to deal with.
Thanks- Jason

The bike arrived and it looks fabulous. It really looks fantastic and I can't wait to show it to my wife (she's away for the weekend so even though she knows it coming, it will still be a HUGE surprise)! I'll shoot you a couple of pictures when we have it all finished.

Fred, i received the the tires i ordered from u and now our cruisers look too sick, really hot! plus the ride is really smooth. im totally stoked. i plan on ordering another set from u in the near future. thanx for all your help!

To the restorer:

Man, I just gotta say what a heckuva great job you did on the 54
Schwinn. I
saw your craigslist ad and then went to your website to check it out.
Again, the job you did was pretty awesome. You Schwinn is worth every penny of the 395 bucks you're asking
after seeing some brand new "retro" bikes like the Electra Amsterdam
going for
800, 900 bucks in some of the bike shops I go to in Austin. That new
stuff is

Hi Fred,

Thanks for the paint and for the tips. The bike is a beauty.

All the best,




19 JUN 2008

Dear Fred:

Thank you so much. I am very much looking forward to receiving this
beautiful bicycle!


Your a good man Fred, great customer service is so
hard to find. I TRULY appreciate the time you spent talking with me to make
sure I am getting what I need.

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