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All about " Fat Banana Extra Padded Banana Seats "



Tweaked and improved Aug 2020, we have found a way to make it even better, keeping the seats at the same price point.

RCB ( Retro Cruiser Bicycles ) is the first to come out with a extra padded banana bike seat. The Fat Banana since 2010 is offered at a very reasonable price. For the extra $20.00 you are paying to make a regular new banana seat into a extra padded banana seat, your comfort level is increased. Your comfort is enhanced. It is not perfect, it is not the most comfortable bike seat ever made, but it is more comfy than any new mass marketed banana seat on the market and is more comfy than a vintage seat that has very little padding at all. It takes a half hour to make the Fat Banana by adding 2 more layers of padding. Again it is not perfect but it does bring up the comfort level ! For the extra $20.00 in price you are paying, if you are somehow expecting a totally comfortable bike seat, please do not buy this seat ! Go and have your own custom seat made by a upholstery shop and pay around $200.00. Or just stick with the regular banana seats we offer. Press down in the middle of any new or vintage banana seat. You will feel the metal seat pan. You will not feel any metal when you press down in the middle of the Fat Banana further proving it is more comfortable. 

Fat Banana seats have 2 times more padding than any other banana seats. One layer is 1" firm high density automotive foam and the other layer is yoga matte material. 

The yoga matte material wraps around the sides and greatly helps with your thigh area !

Fat Banana's still maintain that classic banana seat look and form , just fatter for your comfort.

Fat Banana seats fit into any sissy bar the same as any banana seat because the rear of the seat where they mount to the sissy bar is unchanged.

Fat Banana seats use high density foam padding.

Fat Banana seats make it desirable for all ages to ride a cool banana bike !

Ride further and longer !

RETURNS -- returns are NOT accepted if you have already installed the seat into the sissy bar, because we  cannot resell as new. Look over your Fat Banana before you install it, COMPARE IT TO ANY OTHER BANANA SEAT NEW OR OLD, for any reason you are not happy with it , return it before you install and or sit on it. Our standard return policy will apply. Thanks RCB

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